what is the right way to eat eggs and how many ways we can consume eggs, let us know

Published Mohit Malik

Cooking egg vegetable or frying egg completely destroys its quality, by doing this you can only taste it, you cannot get the quality of egg.

From the point of view of fitness freaks, most of the eggs are consumed by boiling, so that the body gets all the properties of the egg.

Boiled egg and egg omelette is a famous dish but eating egg properly means boiled egg is 5 to10 eggs you will eat boiled no harm is going to happen

There is another way to consume eggs, which will give more nutrition to your body, then put raw eggs in milk and drink it, although it will not be good in taste.

You can get bored of eggs in only one way so make some recipes with eggs like spinach omelette is a treasure trove of nutrients

Another great recipe we have is that of egg salad, by which you can get the benefits of protein and green vegetables in the food. This salad will maintain your body weight.

People eat eggs for protein but the best way to eat eggs to get protein is to boil eggs or make spinach omelette.

There is also a right time to consume eggs, you can eat breakfast and there is a right time to eat eggs with food, but eating eggs at any time can cause stomach upset.